At American Revolution, we are guided by hard work, pride, and ingenuity - the principles of what it means to be American.

Veteran-crafted and small-batched, our passion is to produce the smoothest vodka to ever cross your lips.

Walt Kerpa

Founder & CEO



Who is the genius behind our product? The guy to your right…..Ed Kerpa. Ed has devoted his life to nature and our environment, and is an expert in the fields of chemistry and botany. He has been passionate in becoming a herbalist for decades, and focuses his study on how botanicals react to our bodies.

He has taken our old Prussian family recipe, combined it with the newest distillation technologies, and created one of the smoothest and cleanest vodkas that there is on the market today. Every batch that he crafts is free of contaminants, fusel oils and congeners, and is carefully blended and cleaned prior to bottling. Ed samples each batch personally to make sure it is up to his standards.

What does freedom taste like to you?