American Revolution Vodka is distilled in one of the most scientifically controlled environments possible. At constant temperature, which is critical, the ethanol gets ran through four different rectifying columns that contain thousands of filtering plates. These plates remove nearly all fusel oils, congeners, and other impurities that are left in smaller stills or those containing less filtration plates. We start with a product that is 192 proof, or 95% alcohol and only the cleanest and heart of the of the distillate is left for blending and filtration.


Our water is drawn from a 750 foot Artesian well that is one of the oldest and purest wells in the Northwest. Rocky Mountain Spring water has seeped down and been filtered by volcanic rock and sand. Drawn up from this well, our water only has trace amounts of sulfur and magnesium removed, leaving all the other minerals and goodness inside. This is why we moved our distillery from a brand new building, and built a state of the art facility inside a 130 year old warehouse that sits on top of our well. That is how much we believe in the water that is blended in each bottle.


Our vodka is made from non-GMO, naturally gluten-free corn. Ed feels that the gentle sweetness from corn, and the conversion rate from starch to ethanol exceeded what most ethanol bases had to offer. The corn is a good part of the reason there is a smooth and creamy aftertaste to our vodka and why other amazing American vodkas use it as well. 


The way you bottle a vodka speaks volumes about your company. Many products are hand bottled and not rinsed properly, as there is no industry standard other than maintaining a proper proof. The guidelines that Ed sets prior to bottling may seem extreme, but the end result is a crystal clear vodka that is filtered of any particulates and is filled in a bottle that is scrubbed clean. Here’s how we do it:

  • To begin with, the vodka is pumped through a five stage filtration bank. The human eye can see down to 10 microns roughly. We start with a 10 micron filter and take the vodka down to an amazing .01 micron level.
  • Next our bottles run through a state of the art stainless steel bottling line. The bottles enter a negative pressure chamber and are turned upside down and blasted with the same vodka that we use to fill them. This ensures that the proof is not changed by rinsing with water. And second, the vodka acts as a cleaning agent. The second blast of vodka ensures that the bottle is thoroughly clean.
  • After rinsing, our bottles stay inside the chamber and are moved by conveyor belt to the automated filler that uses a photo eye to ensure proper fill levels.
  • Finally the bottle is capped or corked by the filling line, and exits the machine so they may be hand inspected and placed by hand in the proper container.

Filtration and Blending:

This is where our vodka goes from state of the art science to old fashioned. With our old family recipe, the ethanol is painstakingly blended slowly down to a proprietary proof prior to filtering. Using old European techniques, the blend is slowly sifted through a bed of activated coconut husk carbon. This process was developed centuries ago, and Ed used his background to create a modern device that allows each and every drop of vodka to be filtered for over 7 days. What is left after filtration is vodka made from the cleanest ethanol, most amazing water, and filtered through the finest carbon available today. That is what makes American Revolution so special.