How to get the most out of your Revolution cocktails?

American Revolution Vodka was designed to be the purest and cleanest vodka on the market. The concept of  American Revolution is to be the most neutral and simple alcohol to mix in a cocktail or served straight. It is the lowest caloric content spirit that you can use when making a cocktail. Why add artificial flavors or other additives like most flavored vodkas or spirits use? We believe in simplicity and purity. A 1.5 OZ or normal pour volume of a drink of American Revolution and any other straight vodka is roughly 98 Calories. With the purity and clean taste of American Revolution, you can add any natural flavor you want and have the smoothest and purest cocktail available.

Remember that the art of making the perfect drink is not only about the ingredients,  but more importantly, their “balance” and how they are blended. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind: 

  1. NEVER vigorously shake spirits or other alcohols together. Instead, gently mix or stir the cocktail if it is not carbonated…or top the drink with a carbonated recipe. If there are no other alcohols involved other than American Revolution, then shake away my friend.
  2. Use filtered ice….PLEASE. Keep in mind that vodka is 60% water, and American Revolution uses extremely clean Rocky Mountain Spring Water. Diluting your cocktail with ice made with chlorinated city water is going to change the makeup and taste.
  3. Citrus acid, in such fruit as Limes, Lemons, and Oranges, cuts the taste of the ethanol. Many “rubbing alcohol” tasting products may require you to use more than citrus than necessary. With American Revolution vodka, be gentle with that lime or lemon and balance your drink properly. If you want to taste the smoothness and quality of American Revolution sans the coverup, leave the citrus out of your recipe.
  4. DUE TO THE SMOOTHNESS OF OUR VODKA, WE ASK THAT YOU DRINK RESPONSIBLY. We crafted American Revolution for the discerning palate, and for people to enjoy a cocktail or two. If you partake in our product, please do so responsibly and never get behind the wheel, period.